Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Electronic Message Board

The electronic message board has been around for several years, but their usage is still far less common than traditional signage. What this means for a business is that using one of these signs provides an easy way to stand out from the competition. Yes, they are more expensive than a sign made from wood and paint. But they are much more versatile, giving you more chances to connect with potential customers. In an age where the average attention span is dwindling by the second, you must do everything in your power to catch the customer's eye. These signs give you a golden opportunity to do so. Here's how you can use them to their greatest advantage.
Use the News
A lot of businesses make a very amateur mistake when they first get an electronic message board. They use it only for their own sales and promotion. Why is this a mistake? Because people who drive by on a regular basis will simply learn to ignore your sign. 15% off detergent, special sale this Saturday, a clich├ęd slogan. Yawn. While this information is important to you, why would anyone else care? Unless a driver is specifically invested in visiting your store, they aren't going to pay attention. Use current events to draw in that interest. Throw some major headlines on the sign. Time and temperature are good (if slightly boring), informative displays as well. Give people a reason to look.
Change It Up
The glory of an electronic message board is that it takes nearly no effort to change what it written there. Some signs provide no custom options, while others require someone get out there with a stick to change the writing letter by letter. With an EMB, you simply log into the computer and type out a different phrase or two. That's all there is to it, so make sure you do it regularly. Even if you're promoting a specific sale, change up the wording on a daily basis. Do a countdown. Anything you can use to get people excited should be considered.
Be Prepared
It's one thing to use an electronic message board to attract the attention of potential customers, but you'll need to be ready for the business. You sometimes only get a single chance to make a good impression. Fail to accomplish this, and those first time customers may never return. Your signage is but one aspect of running a successful company. Make sure your other pieces are in place before you bring in an influx of new business.