Sunday, September 30, 2012

Advantages Of Stretch Film

Whether you are just shipping your products within the country or across the ocean, you would want it to be in a good condition. Research shows that the use of stretch film has been proven cost effective and time consuming. That is why most of the companies prefer to use it on their products. Some of them even customized it through the years in the business. They have found advantages in using this stretch film before they would ship their products.
It was very useful because it prevents the goods from being lost. Aside from it is transparent, one could easily notice if something's missing with the product. It is also easy to store and pull out from your inventory because the stretch film can be printed with the available stocks left. It also insures protection and easily identification of the products wrapped because of the color coding films. One can also easily be detected or hold on to because of the different sizes provided. Whether it is for small boxes or the large ones, it can be modified and wrapped all together. It can as well reinforce brand image when the company's name is being printed in the film. Bold print is encouraged for the shipment for distance identification.
With the numerous advantages entailed, you may now be thinking to ship your product as soon as you're done with the packaging. But let me give you some criteria to consider first before you do that. These questions are often taken for granted although we know that these are very important especially when we are thinking about the safety of our goods. We should be thinking about what is the required level of hold force retention. In this way we will be able to identify the thickness of the stretch film to be used. You may want to check if your load is requiring you for a greater puncture resistance or tear resistance. Does your item have a high value? You might need to conceal the contents for further protection. The distance of the shipment should also be in great consideration. How long the shipment will be and how it will reach your receiver. The storage of the item is sometimes the most neglected task. Remember, when your item is free from dust or from any kind of dirt of course it has a higher value in the market and that means higher income in your pocket. You should be asking if the product will stay outdoors for a long time so that you can use the UV stretch film on it. Will you be using specialty stretch film such as anti-static stretch film, heavy gauge film or bundling and banding films?
Most of the products that are being commercially sold require a high demand of stretch wrap film. One should be very well equipped in knowledge especially in packaging. LLDPE Stretch wrap calculator has been created for us to properly compute the need of the film requirement. It is widely available in the internet so all we need to do is have it useful.